2019 Technological Trends and Jobs You Should Check Out

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Technology keeps evolving, and it is fascinating to see what the market has to offer. 2019 is no different, and there are exciting trends we must keep an eye on. We are seeing the use of technology in our homes through smart Home technology using the Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence is now making forays into business operations. Blockchain is providing extensive functionality, especially around the security of data.

While some of the areas we will highlight below are not new, one thing we can depend on is the aspect of development. There is a constant need to improve and upgrade what is existing, so that the consumer enjoys more functionality. What makes technology so much more exciting is we now have easier access to it. Let us check out the different things we can look forward to in 2019.

· Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation or RPA refers to automation of business processes using specific software. You find it in areas such as transaction processing, data analysis, applications interpretation among others.  RPA will even taken menial tasks such as responding to emails; tasks that are repetitive in nature, but key to the efficient running of the organization.

The disadvantage is that many people will lose their jobs; the Forrester research estimates that approximately 9% of the global workforce may become redundant. However, there is a chance to reinvent oneself, by taking advantage of the emerging jobs within RPA .such jobs include project management, development, solution architects, business analyst and Consultancy. The jobs are well paying and you have the opportunity to work in an emerging sector.

· Blockchain

You may have heard about blockchain technology and the link it has to currencies such as Bitcoin. However there is so much more to it.  With blockchain you can only add, but not remove or change any data which makes it very secure. It also runs on the basis of consensus from a group of people, thereby making it impossible for one individual to control the process.  You do not need the services of a third party to approve transactions or oversee any of the operations.

Blockchain technology is there for finding using area such as the health or medical field. It has also been very useful in areas such as supply chains. With such advancements, comes the need for professionals to ensure that the systems run as they should.  There are therefore so many new jobs coming up in research, development, implementation, and blockchain solutions. Employers are also looking for consultants, project managers and software engineers with the right knowledge on blockchain technology.

· Virtual And Augmented Reality

If you are a gamer you may have had the opportunity to interact with virtual and augmented Reality. The former immerses you into an environment while the latter will enhance it. Away from the gaming desk, virtual Reality has found its way into the military and Navy, who use simulation software for their training needs.

Augmented Reality is establishing itself within the enterprise software development sector.  Augmented Reality is very versatile, and already has a huge role to play in aspects of marketing, advertising, and customer engagement, among others.

Virtual and Augmented Reality has, therefore, become essential aspects of areas such as education, training, rehabilitation, and marketing, among others. The demand for experts is massive, and we can only see it rising. Companies such as Samsung, Google, and Oculus are some of the major players in the virtual reality area.  Start-ups are also showing a lot of interest, and we can only imagine that if they succeed in their innovations, they will require professionals to join the teams.  You might, therefore, want to sharpen your skills in basic programming, optics, and hardware engineering, among others.

· Cyber Security

You may be wondering why cybersecurity has made it to our 2019 list because it is not a new technology. However, cybersecurity keeps on reinventing itself through constant innovation. Developers are aware that hackers are becoming increasingly intelligent because they have to keep up with the developments around cybersecurity. They will, therefore, find multiple channels to help them get through any kind of security measure. You will, therefore, find advancements in cybersecurity such as Cloud technology, hardware authentication, data loss prevention, deep learning, and behavioral Analytics. We have the hackers to thank for the emerging innovation because developers have to develop better technology to ensure maximum security for the clients.

Cybersecurity has massive job opportunities and maybe the leading employer in technology jobs. Security experts predict that by 2021, there will be a 3.5 million skill deficit around cybersecurity.

· Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. It requires that the machines take on the role of learning different tasks that the developers did not program them to do. They do this by discovering insights and patterns that they derive from data. We have supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

There are many other aspects of machine learning, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), neural networks, and deep learning. It, therefore, offers massive potential with regard to career specialization. Because many Industries are integrating machine learning into everyday activities, it will require people with the right skill set to manage the jobs. With a projected $8.81 billion growth by 2022, there is massive work opportunity. Some of the tasks that companies use machine learning for include data mining, data analytics, and pattern recognition, among others. Consumers also get to enjoy functions such as real-time ads, web search, and detection of intrusions, among others.

Final Thoughts

Human beings like convenience and anything that improves the efficiency levels is hugely welcome.  This is the main reason why the technology field will never have a dull moment.  Developers are always on the lookout for how they can improve what we already have, or come up with entirely new trends. We have shared with you some of the things you must check out in 2019. While some of them may not be new, some exciting changes improve their efficiency.


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