Buy a domain name with Shopify and make the process easier


Why should one buy a domain name via Shopify? What is the importance of a domain name? How does Shopify manage to make things easier for us? To understand this, you first need to understand the difficulties that await you in the online world.

Establishing an online business can be confusing and overwhelming. So many things warrant your attention and so many decisions have to be made. Any misstep can lead to the whole thing crash down. Thus, it is vital to get all the help that you can get to make your journey a smoother one.

Once you have decided that you will take your business to the next level and will set up your ecommerce portal, you need to decide on a name. Your site needs to have an address, a domain. It is the domain name that identifies your IP address and therefore, needs to be selected with care.

Purchasing and registering a domain name is a long and tedious process for those who have not done it before. This is where Shopify can be of immense help.

Shopify- a reliable ally

Shopify is an ecommerce solution platform that endeavors to make sure that setting up your online store does not prove to be troublesome for you.

One of the best things about the platform is that it is simple and easy to use. Thus, beginners can use it to embark on their ecommerce journey with ease. Shopify is designed to make sure that it caters to the requirements of both, small and big businesses. Therefore, once you align with Shopify, you will find it a whole lot easier to set up your online store.

The purchase of a domain name

Custom domains can be purchased via Shopify at quite affordable rates, with the starting price being $11 USD annually. In this case, you get a domain that is already set up thereby ensuring that you do not have to entangle yourself in the complications.

Furthermore, if in the future, you decide to switch your ecommerce platform and leave Shopify, you will retain the ownership of the domain.

You get the registration of the domain for one year when you purchase it through Shopify. You can keep on renewing the registration till you opt for cancellation of the domain or want to leave the Shopify store.

Email accounts are not a part of the domain services that Shopify provides. However, you do not unlimited forwarding email accounts for the domain. Keep in mind while buying a domain name that these purchases are nonrefundable. Therefore, only proceed when you are completely sure of it.

The process of buying a domain name from Shopify

There is no reason to be worried or search for an expert for this. Shopify ensures that the whole process gets done with in no time at all and you can proceed to the next step of setting up your online business.

To make the process even more feasible for you, let us guide you through the steps.

Log on to the admin of your Shopify account and access the option of Online Store. It will then give you an option of Domains that you need to select.

From the list that shows up, reach out for the Buy New Domain option.

You will then have to enter the domain name you wish to purchase. The name should be in line with your business

Once you have decided on the domain name, you will need to opt for the extensions. A list of available options of extensions will then be visible along with their prices. You can go for some common options like .biz or .com. Perhaps you want an extension that would be country specific such as Premium extensions can also be acquired that are more personalized. The rates of all the options differ so make sure that you make your selection after careful consideration.

Click on the option of Buy that will be visible right next to the domain you select.

You can then proceed to purchase the domain.

You will be asked to review the summary of the purchase. Take a close look at all the personal information to ensure that all the details are correct. Shopify uses the email and information of the account’s owner for purchasing and renewing domains. You can click on the option of Auto-renew via which the domain will be renewed every year automatically without you having to do much.

Before finalizing the deal, find out whether your selected domain is offering WHOIS privacy. Owing to WHOIS, people can dig up information about the domain name owner. With WHOIS privacy, this information is hidden, ensuring that your personal information does not leak out.

If your domain name has WHOIS privacy, a sign will pop up to let you know of the same.

If no such sign appears and yet you want to make sure that your domain gets WHOIS privacy, cancel a deal and opt for another domain extension that does not feature on the Exceptions list of WHOIS.

Give the ICANN policy along with the Domain Registration Agreement a thorough read.

Once you agree with all the terms and conditions, you can click on the Buy Domain option. An email will be sent to you from Shopify for confirmation of the purchase. You can commence working with your new domain after 48 hours.

Final words

It is essential to deal with places that are reliable in the online world. A lot rides on reputation. Therefore, make sure that you conduct adequate research before finalizing anything.

Shopify is one of those ecommerce platforms that have acquired an impressive reputation within a short time. Thus, you can be sure that if you deal with them, you will not have a reason to regret your choice.

They offer variable deals and thus it is highly unlikely that you would not find something suitable for you