Flipkart Modifies Return Policy to Restrict Refunds on Popular Items.


Flipkart Modifies Return Policy

Flipkart Modifies Return Policy that had appeared to Restrict Refunds on Popular Items

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Flipkart made changes to the text of a returns policy that had appeared to restrict refunds on a swathe of popular items, clarifying ambiguities and restoring a more customer friendly system. Buyers can now rest assured that they will get refunds for products such as books, home décor, lifestyle and fashion products, fitness equipment, musical instruments, automotive parts and pet supplies that they want to return for any reason.

A language used on the site last week suggested that Flipkart’s returns policy would only allow replacements in these categories in the event of defects, virtually ruling out refunds.

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Flipkart still doesn’t allow returns on other categories such as mobile phones, furniture, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions and small appliances. ET reported the tighter policy text in key categories last week. At the time, the website said: “No refunds offered. All sales are final.” The site was updated over the weekend and no longer carries this line.

But after the change in text over the weekend, she could return the replaced item and get a refund.Policies should be consistent, said Devangshu Dutta, CEO of retail consultant Third Eyesight.

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eCommerce companies have traditionally tried to drum up market share through discounting and liberal returns rules. They have dropped discounts in order to shore up finances and have been trying to pare costs in all areas as investors seek returns on their investment amid a wave of consolidation.

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