How to Get Maximum Usage Out Of Your Android Phone

How to Get Maximum Usage Out Of Your Android Phone

When you buy a smartphone, you hope to get maximum usage out of it. You can do this by customizing certain features so that you make the performance better. We will share with you some tried-and-tested methods that will help you enjoy using your smartphone.

· Be Careful About Notifications

Smartphones are fantastic, but one thing that they have in plenty is notifications. Notifications can be bothersome, but there are ways you can keep them at minimal. Such include blocking, putting the do not disturb sign, or only giving access to the critical notifications

· Get Rid Of Bloatware

Some apps will come with some of the Smartphones that you may find very difficult to uninstall. You can, however, disable them so that you avoid the updates or notifications which end up taking a lot of your storage space.

· Check How You Use Data

Unless you have access to unlimited data, you should watch how much you use every month. Android has tools that help you track, and also set limits on the data you use. You can also take advantage of third-party apps to give you daily or weekly reports.

· Reduce Data Usage

You may find that your data usage is very high, and the biggest culprit is the apps that run in the background. Determine which ones are consuming your data, and use the data switch off option for such apps. Set your phone to automatically switch to Wi-Fi anytime you have access to it.

· Save Your Battery Life

Many things will lead to your battery draining very first.  These include resolution, the apps that are running, whether you are using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any other third-party app. Only have what you really need running so that you get more prolonged usage out of your battery.

· Free Up Storage Space

Smartphones have very many things that will result in using up the storage space. Such include photographs, videos, audio files, downloads, among others. Free up storage space by deleting any apps you do not use. Also, move massive files to cloud storage or your memory card. With cloud storage, you get access to your data anytime you need them, and it is, therefore, a very convenient way to store what you do not use daily.

· File Manager

The file manager will allow you to delete and copy files or folders.  It will help save on storage. It will also give you access to records that you may not even know are there.

· Widgets

Widgets on the home screen will give you easy access to different functionalities on the phone. You can quickly access your music, photos, weather information, among others.

· Use the Android Launcher

The Android launcher will help you manage the different apps, customize your screen, and give you more control with how you interact with your Android device.

· Charging Your Battery

The best way to charge your battery is when it is off, or on aeroplane mode. It will charge so much faster, and you get to save valuable time.

· Finding Your Android Device

If you lose your Android device, you can find it through the internet in a matter of minutes. Go to, login using your Google details, and depending on whether your GPS is on, it will show you exactly where your phone is.

· Limit the Number of Apps You Download

While it may be exciting to have as many apps as possible on your Android phone, you should limit the number you download. You get to avoid unnecessary push notifications, you will save on data, you will save on storage space, and you will have better performance because you’re not using up too much of the processing power of the phone. The more modern phones will require your permission before the apps access your data.

· One-Hand Mode

You have the option of the One-hand mode in the Gboard keyboard. It is a convenient feature for those who prefer to type using only one hand. You get the option of having a keyboard that shifts from side to side, allowing you to type comfortably.

· Take Advantage of Clipboard

Clipboard is a feature on Android phones that saves you the trouble of having to copy and paste text all the time. It will automatically save over 20 entries, thus giving you access to addresses, phone numbers, or quotes that you may have copied.

· Turn Off the Sounds and Vibrations

When you start using your Android phone, you will realize that it buzzes or clicks every time you touch it.  It is very annoying, will use up your battery and may slow down your phone.

· Use the Right Browser

You have the option of so many browsers on the Android platform, each with its benefits and disadvantages. Chrome is the best for Android; you can sync it to your desktop Chrome well getting quick access to your Google history. However, you have the option of using the one you feel is the most comfortable for you.

· Use Folders

If you want to organize your apps, do it using the android folders. You can then access them quickly by placing them on the shortcut bar on your display. Other than easy access, you also get to organize your homepage, thus avoiding clutter.

· Micro SD Cards

You may be wondering whether it is a good idea to have a MicroSD card in your phone. You get additional storage which will help with the overall phone performance. You must, however, ensure that you buy a good one so that it does not slow down your phone.

Final Thoughts

Your smartphone has so many beautiful functionalities, but you need to know how to get the most out of your phone to be able to enjoy them. We have shared with you some fantastic tips above. So take some time and go through your phone carefully, so that you can learn the different features you have available.

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