How to Get Optimal Usage Out Of Cloud Storage

How to Get Optimal Usage Out Of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has made it possible to store large amounts of data in a safe, secure way. Whether you are using it as an individual or for your business, it is a safer option than using external storage such as USB or hard drives. It is, however, possible that you are not using it in a manner that allows you to get the most out of it. Our article below will share some ways to get the most out of cloud storage.

· Save and Send Attachments Using Google Drive

You may be someone who receives very many emails that have some heavy attachments. It is a good idea for you to save the attachments to Google Drive. You also have other options such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, and the box. Some may require that you pay a subscription fee, while others are free. You can then decide on filters so that you send specific files to specific folders.

Google scripts will also allow you to automate workflows so that you can save files and image attachments directly to Google Drive. You get the OCR feature on Google Drive as well as Microsoft OneDrive. It allows you easy access to your documents, because all you need to do is type in your query in the search bar, and the information will come up quickly.

Instead of sending heavy email attachments, you can send a link and share access to the files you have on cloud. Google Drive has the inbuilt Gmail integration while Dropbox has the Dropbox for Gmail Chrome extension. Other cloud storage providers will let you attach files which the recipient can then download without signing up to the storage service.

· Use Dropbox for voice memos

Record voice memos and store them directly to Dropbox using the iOS app. It is simple to use, and it will save your files in compressed M4A file format. The tool is not expensive; you will get it for less than $2 on platforms such as iTunes Store.

· Embed Your Videos With Google Drive

You may want to upload videos or embed them into a particular website or blog. Google Drive will give you an excellent option if you don’t want to use YouTube or any of the video hosting sites available on the online platform. The process is as simple as going to Google Drive and clicking on the upload button. You will then select the video, click on the share button, and decide whether you want to have private or public access. You will need the latter if you are using the content on your website. Now, right-click the video file you have uploaded. You will get various options including Open with Google Drive Viewer. Click on the viewer, select file- embed video, and then you will get a code, which you will copy and paste onto your blog.

· Preview Files Using Google Drive

Google Drive allows you functionalities, such as file saving options. You get support for up to 30 types of files, including; .CSS, .PHP, .HTML, .JS, .HPP, among others.  You can also view.RAR and.ZIP formats. You can also use Google drive to open files for illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Autocad (.DXF), and scalable vector graphics (.SVG).

You can view or print any files that are 25 MB or less.

· Wallpaper Repository in Dropbox

You can use Dropbox to control how your desktop wallpaper looks using the Desktoppr app. You can use it on almost all the operating systems. All you need to do is connect the app to a wallpaper folder in your Dropbox. You enjoy regular updates for the wallpapers and can also upload your own. If you want to make the Dropbox wallpaper folder the default picture location, you can change the settings on your windows on the control panel> appearance> personalization folder.

· Maximize On Free Storage

Cloud storage normally comes with a storage limit, if you go for the free option. You can, however, extend your limit by taking advantage of the free offers. You can, for example, get 16GB of storage on Dropbox, if you refer a friend to the service. The standard free limit is 2 GB. You will also get additional free storage if you download Dropbox on your mobile or desktop apps.

Google Drive and One Drive will give you free storage if you are using Aus or Chromebook.

· Think About the Subscription Plans You Go For

You may not have a problem paying for Cloud storage but look for the provider who gives you additional benefits other than just storage. Google Drive has G suite that gives you extra benefits such as a business email domain and a product suite. You also get personalized email addresses, access to Gmail, and 30 GB storage.

Microsoft Onedrive will give you 1 TB storage if you use office 365. You can download it onto your PC or Mac, and one smart device.

· Share Documents Online

You can share and collaborate on the online platform. There are three basic permission levels; view only, view and comment only, and edit only. You will decide which permission level to use as per your requirements. For instance, view only is perfect for situations where you are sharing files with a large number of people. They can only see the information, but cannot modify or edit the document at home.

· Share Pictures via Cloud

Pictures can take a lot of storage space, and you will, therefore, need a provider with sufficient storage capabilities. Google Drive is a fantastic option because if the pictures are less than 16 megapixels, you have no limits on the number you can upload.

Flickr will give you 1 TB storage space, and you have no restrictions on the type, file, or size of the images. It is an excellent platform for professional photographers.

Final Thoughts

Cloud storage is an excellent option for anyone who has large amounts of data to store. Choosing the right platform can give you access to a wide range of benefits. Pick the one that works well for you and use our tips above to get the most out of it.

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