How to Take Care of Your Smart Devices

Smart Devices

Buying a smart device is an investment, and you, therefore, need to take good care of it. You will find that the more care you take, the more extended usage you get out of your device. Let’s explore some ways you can protect your smart devices below.

· Use a Case

A phone case is an excellent way to save your smart device. Get one that is comfortable in your hands and not too heavy since it will contribute to the overall weight of your smart device. There are so many designs available, and some sellers will even personalize it for you. Whichever one you pick, make sure it will give you a smart device optimum protection against any damage.

When you are looking for a phone case, look for one that is waterproof and impact-resistant. You need to be sure that even if you drop your phone, the case will give it sufficient protection.

· Get a Screen Protector

A screen protector is an essential item if you want to protect your smart devices. It will prevent scratching of the screen, and best of all some phone cases have inbuilt screen protectors, so you take care of two aspects of your smart device protection at ago.

· Be Careful About How You Handle Your Devices

Accidents do happen, but some of them are preventable. You must be careful about how you handle your smart devices. Watch where you place them so that you do not accidentally brush against them and make them fall. Avoid using them near water sources like swimming pools, sink or bathtub among others, because if the device is not water-resistant, moisture may find its way into the inner parts, thus causing severe damage.

· Charge Your Battery Correctly

Phone manufacturers like apple suggest that you do a full charge at least once every month. You must, therefore, charge the phone until it is completely full at 100%. You will then let it drain completely to 0%. Doing a full charge will make your battery more durable,  thus benefiting you in the long run due to more extended usage.

What you need to know is that, after 500 Cycles your smartphone will start losing its charging capacity. But you only have the 500 if you observe correct charging practices. For the regular charging, do not wait for the low battery signal. Once you get to 20% to 40% level, you should recharge the phone. Remember, you must never use your phone while it is charging. If you must make an urgent call, or respond to an incoming one, unplug it entirely and only return it to the charger when you finish.

Be careful about connecting your battery to metallic objects such as pins or keys. You can cause severe malfunctions, and the phone can also combust. If you are using the car charger, only connect the phone only after you start the engine.

· Use Genuine Parts

Be careful about the use of any unoriginal cables or chargers. You must, therefore, take good care of the original parts that come with the phone so that you do not end up buying fake ones. If the manufacturer finds out that you are using such, you may lose your warranty. In other cases, it can lead to malfunctioning of your smart device.

·  Clean Your Smart Devices

Keep your smartphone device clean; you prevent dirt build-up, especially in the crevices. Use a soft cloth and avoid anything that may scratch the screen. One disadvantage with touch screens is that this March and May get scratches or stains over time. You will also transfer oil or any dirt on your hands onto your screen. Many Smartphones have a build-up of microbes and bacteria, which could lead to skin irritation acne, among others. Take note of the manual because some material such as rubbing alcohol may damage the screen.

Cleaning of the phone does not only refer to the exterior. You may also have too many apps that you do not need. A slower system can lead to frustration when using the phone. Use Cloud storage for any large files, images, audio clips, or videos. You will also find certain apps that will alert you and help you remove what you do not need or use.

· Temperature Changes

Exposing your smart device to very high or very low temperatures is a terrible idea. You should, for example, never leave your phone in a hot car. Also, avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight or freezing conditions. Low temperatures will make your battery discharge very fast. You will also find that the phone is slower and you may need to reboot it continually. If you have to go out into the cold, put your phone into your inner pocket so that the temperature does not drop drastically.

If you find that the cold has made a battery drain completely, let the phone come to room temperature before you plug it into the charger. Plugging it in immediately can cause a short circuit and condensation build-up.

· Avoid Disassembling the Device

If you do not have the relevant expertise, you should never try and dismantle the device on your own. You may damage the parts or even expose yourself to electrical risks. You will also most definitely nullify your warranty.

· Have Proper Storage

You are not always using your mobile phone and will, therefore, need a safe way to store it at such times. Keep it in a safe place where no one will knock into it as they walk by. Be careful about placing it in a closed container for very long, as it may combust. If you must store it, switch it off first.

Also, make sure your phone is safe so that no one makes away with it. Also take advantage of the particular software that can help you track a stolen phone, or lock it so that no one can access it.

Final Thoughts

A smart device is not cheap, and you must, therefore, take good care of it. Use our tips above, and enjoy more prolonged usage from your smart devices.

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