SEO Not Working For You? Here Is Why

Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

Anyone on the online platform is working so hard to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The proponents say that it is a sure way of attracting the right kind of people to your website. Companies are aggressively buying specific keywords, thus making competition on the online platform very difficult. The only way to remain relevant in the search engines is to have the right SEO strategy. But, whatever you try does not seem to be working, and we will let you know why in our article below.

Why Does Your SEO Not Seem To Be Working?

Experts say that if you have a good SEO strategy, you will see results within three months. However, here you are six months later, and you are still at level zero. Here are some reasons why.

· You Do Not Have a Strategy

To have the perfect SEO campaign, you must have a strategy. Your strategy should be separate from the overall marketing plan.  It must undergo constant improvement to remain up-to-date and relevant.

· You Are In a Hurry

Think about your SEO campaign, like any other marketing strategy. It requires patience, dedication, and sufficient time allocation. Do not go into it with unrealistic expectations, thinking you will see results overnight.

· Using the Wrong Keywords

The strength of SEO depends on finding the right keywords. That is why some companies will buy specific keywords, thereby making them inaccessible to others. You must find a differentiation point, have a good understanding of your target market, and focus on differentiating yourself from the competitors.

· Your Content Is Not Good

People come to your website because they are interested in particular things. One of them is content that responds to a specific need they may have. If the content on your website is exciting and informative, you will have repeat visitors. If not, you can be sure that no one will bother to stay, resulting in a high bounce rate.

· You Have the Wrong Web Hosting Provider

Your web host provider will determine so many aspects of your website. It will determine the page loading speed, ease of navigation, among others. You must always remember that the attention span of the online user is very short. They will not want to spend time on a website that takes forever to load. Choosing a hosting provider who does not have the capacity, and is not reliable will hurt your ranking on the search engines.

Web hosting comes at different price points, and you may feel that you want to save on some money by going for the cheapest. What you pay for is what you get; the success of your website depends on the web hosting.  You might be better off spending more money with the realization that you are getting good value.

· You Did Not Pay Attention to Your Link Profile

It is essential that you build the right link profile, attract users through hyperlinks, and become an authority, thus earning backlinks. Some people may think that it is easier to purchase backlinks, but Google will catch you. If you have good content, you will not have to spend money on buying backlinks.

· Ignoring Google Algorithms Updates

If there is one thing you can say about Google, it is that they are very consistent with the number of algorithm updates they push out into the market. You must take the time to follow the directives; otherwise, you will pay the penalty of ignoring them.

· Bounce Rates

You will get a good indication of what people do when they come to your websites using tools such as Google Analytics. You get to see the number of visitors, whether they return, how long they stay, how soon they exit, among others. If your SEO campaign is not working. The bounce rate will be very high. It will give you a good sign that you need to go back to the drawing table as soon as possible.

· You Are Using Outdated SEO Methods

The one thing we advise anyone who is using SEO is that they must keep on learning, and updating their knowledge base. There are so many changes that keep occurring, and you must align your strategy to incorporate any new changes. If not, you find that your SEO strategy is not at par with the current trends. You will, for example, find that things such as keyword stuffing are no longer a good practice, yet some people insist on doing it still.

· You Are Not Optimizing Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to build brand awareness. The search engines are sure to notice any business that has the right social media strategies in place. You must take into consideration the channels and the tactics so that you have a successful SEO campaign.

· Forgetting To Optimize For Mobile

Search engines such as Google have become very particular about how mobile-friendly your website is when they are doing their rankings. You will also miss out on significant traffic if you do not optimize your site for mobile.

· You Do Not measure Your Performance

If you do not measure the performance of what you are doing, you cannot know what is working or what is not. You must use the resources available such as Google Analytics to let you know vital areas you should be paying attention to. Check what is working well, and continue to improve upon it. For those that are yielding zero results, get rid of them, and come up with something new. You may, for example, find that people seem to gravitate towards particular topics. Maximize on them by continuing to generate exciting and informative content.

Final Thoughts

Talk to anyone who has managed to perfect SEO, and they will tell you it can be a very challenging process. However, once you master it, you will find that you can avoid some of the mistakes we have highlighted above. Search engines are paying close attention to how your website optimizes SEO to determine your ranking. You must, therefore, take the appropriate steps to educate yourself, and come up with the perfect strategy, thus making it easy for online visitors to find you.

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