Shopify Free Company Name Generator: Get Unique Brand Name Suggestions


What is the quickest and easiest way to generate business names and check domain availability?

By using Shopify free company name generator you will be able to find the perfect name for your business in 10 seconds or less.

Even though there are hundreds of company name generators out there, Shopify has proven to be the best one.

We will discuss Shopify name generator options and how can you take the best out of this tool.

Why Use Free Company Name Generator

It happens to all of us – you worked so hard to come up with a list of creative business names ideas just to find out they are all taken.

Good company names, unique ones go quickly. They are in high demand and businesses all over the world want them. Luckily, we have tools that can help us shorten the brainstorming process and help us find the best name for the business.

It is good to get creative and know what kind of name you are looking for – professional, catchy, funny, serious, short or long. Whether you are stuck or someone else just took your favorite business name – free name generators can help you.

We, humans, are creatures of routine and habit. We develop a certain way of thinking and we stick to it. Great business names come from all kinds of places and ideas, and usually not the first ones that go through our mind – because those can be the exact same ones going through someone else’s minds as well.

When choosing a business name, easy differentiation is key.

This is the point where brand and domain name generators come into play – tools might be computerized, however, they are excellent at helping us think outside the box.

Using a brand name generator to stimulate your creativity and inspire you isn’t lazy, but smart. You will be surprised by how many great ideas your competitors haven’t thought of. Some of these ideas didn’t occur to you either.

In order to get thousands of domain and company suggestions, you need to add your company’s concept in the search field, add a keyword, and the generator will provide you will all related brand and domain names that are available.

How to Use Shopify Name Generator Tool

Using Shopify name generator tool is super easy. All you need to do is enter a keyword you want your new company name to include (think of the best keywords that describe your brand).

Use Shopify’s name generator tool to search for business and domain names and check their availability instantly.

Bu using the tool, you will get a domain name that fits your personality and your business (hurry up and find the best name before someone else take it).

For a new business or startup, naming options can seem limited and we all know that short domains are pretty expensive while the longer ones don’t really inspire confidence.

Today, many businesses are choosing a branded name – a name that is affordable, memorable, and unique.

Most online name generators combine dictionary words to make unusual names. Shopify generates branded names that are relevant to your business.

When creating a name with Shopify business name tool, it is absolutely necessary to understand what your name should bring to the masses.

The name should be related to your business type. What do you plan to offer? Tell them in the company name.

We know this may sound overwhelming and you are asking yourself “How can I possibly explain in one word what my company is all about”. You won’t need to spend a lot of words explaining what your business is all about or what products you sell. Some words sound pretty familiar and people can recognize a great name when they see one.

If they understand what you want to tell – it is a good start.

Create an interesting combination of words and turn them into one engaging and memorable name. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Extra tip: think again before using the type of product you sell in the business name. If one day you decide to broaden your product range, the name will confuse your customers. Also, don’t make the name too long.

The Importance of Trademark Search

Before you decide to give Shopify name generator a spin, you must conduct a trademark search. This is a very important issue concerning the legal part of your brand.

You should make sure your new name won’t affect existing trade names. We recommend you to consult with a layer to help you register your trademark and not use the trademark of other business.

This is one of the most important things to do since you put your company at risk when you generate the name of a business that infringes the already existing trademark. If you don’t take this seriously, you can lose your brand. Don’t ignore this issue.

Business Name Examples, Ideas, Suggestions

We all need inspiration. Coming up with the perfect business name is not easy. Shopify name generator tool will provide you with hundreds of domains and choosing one is not as simple as you think it is.

To help you out, we have a few business name examples and ideas you might find useful.

  • Use keywords: Think of everyday keywords that people use when searching online. They can serve you as an idea for a business name.
  • Provide an answer: This can help you address questions which go around why your product is worth buying.
  • Name of entrepreneur: You can always use your own name, especially if you want to grow your own personal brand.
  • Funny spelling: This is a great strategy and will surely attract a lot of people. Google is a perfect example.
  • Pretty name: When mentioned out loud, your business name should sound nice and appealing.
  • Acronyms: Bringing words together to create an acronym is always a good brand name idea.

As you search for a business name that will capture the essence of your brand, Shopify name generator will definitely do a good job.

Are you ready to give Shopify name generator a spin?

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