(New Tricks)Step to port your No network Aircel number to Any Other Sim Network BY Online Method


If you do not want to change your Aircel mobile number but want to switch the telecom service provider, you can do so by porting your number from existing telecom operator to the desired one. Here is step-by-step guide in case you want to port your Aircel number to Any other sim network:

In Order to facilitate Aircel customer ‘MNP’ to other Operator, UPC generation from Long code IVR is made Available now 🙂

This facility is possible through other operator number only & Not applicable from Aircel number.

Following Steps Are Required to be followed by Aircel customer.

1st Trick :-

  1. Generate UPC Code in Aircel if You are not Getting Mobile Tower:

    • First of all You need SIM number which are mentioned on back side of your sim .
    • If you are not seeing sim number then Get this SIM number by downloading an App.
    • Download SIM Card Info app from here.
    • Open the app here you see all details of your SIM.
    • In this You see SIM card Serial Number (ICCID) which is Your SIM Card Number.
    • Note down last 5 digit of ICCID and Follow next.
    • Now Go this Aircel Offcial UPC Generation Page to get upc code.
      • Here enter your Mobile number and Last 5 digit of SIM card number and click Generate upc.
        • Bingo! You see UPDC Code on next screen note down it.
        • Simply go mobile store and give them UPC code to get new sim or do MNP.
      • IF you are not able to generate UPC Code via official website call aircel customer care from state wise cc number and give them sim number they will generate for you aircel port number .
  2. Method 2- How To Generate Aircel UPC Code Online 

    P.S – This is Bit Insecure Method As I Am Still Unable To Find The Genuinity Of This Method.

    1, First Of All Try Above Aircel Online UPC Code Generation Method If it Doesn’t Work The Follow The Below Given Link

    2. Visit This Link –

    3. You Can See 3 Boxes Out There – Customer Mobile Number , SIM Number(Last 5 digits) , Circle

    4. Now Fill Out All Correct Details

    • Customer Mobile Number – Your Aircel Mobile Number
    • SIM Number(Last 5 digits) – Use Above Posted Method to Know Your SIM Number
    • Circle – Your Telecom Circle

    5. Hit “Generate UPC” & You Will Instantly Find The UPC Code Of Your Aircel Mobile Number

    6. Enjoy !!

    Note : – Always Prefer The UPC Code Of First Method (Ekyc.aircel.com) As it is Genuine Aircel Page

  3. Follow  Other Method
    • Dail state specific IVR from Other Operator (IVR no given below)
    • after that choose Language – Hindi 1 & English 2
    • Choose UPC generation Option- Press 1
    • Now enter Your Aircel Mobile Number.
    • then you need to type your Aircel last 5 digit Sim no.
    • Download Sim INfo App to know your Sim Imsi no , Click here
    • after that u will get your UPC code 🙂
Followings are State wise IVR Nos available for getting UPC generated
  • Bihar & Jharkhand – 9852012345
  • Delhi – 9852012345
  • Andhra pradesh – 9700012345
  • Assam – 9854012345
  • Kolkatta – 9804012345
  • Tamil nadu – 9750999209
  • Rajeshthan – 9782012345
  • Chennai – 9841012345
  • Haryana – 9802012345
  • Himachal – 9857012345
  • Karnataka – 9738012345
  • Kerala – 9809012345
  • Madhya pradesh – 9806012345
  • Maharashtra – 9762012345
  • Mumbai – 9768012345
  • Orissa – 9856012345
  • Punjab – 9803012345
  • U.P – 9808012345
  • W.B – 9851012345
  • J & K – 9858012345

Method 3 – How To Port Out From Aircel To Airtel/Vodafone/BSNL/IDEA Without UPC

Yes, You Can Port Out From Aircel Without The Unique Porting Code , Follow Below Method.

1, First Of All Just Visit Your Nearest Airtel/Vodafone/IDEA/BSNL Store

2. They Will Ask For Your Aircel Number & Aadhaar Card

3. Airtel/Vodafone/BSNL Will Generate The UPC Code From Their System By Default 

4. Fill Out The Porting Form With Correct Details

5. That’s it You Will Successfully Ported Out From Aircel Without UPC Code & Network


  • The UPC code will be valid for a period of fifteen days from the date of request for all service areas except Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East licensed areas. The validity for the UPC in these areas are for a period of thirty days from the date of request
  • Once you receieve the UPC, you need to visit the Customer Service Centre or Authorised retailer to request for porting of your mobile number. Submit the Customer Application Form, supporting documents such as address proof, Aadhaar card, Voter ID card.
  •  Once you submit all these details, you will be issued a new SIM card.
     Once your existing Aircel SIM gets deactivated, insert the new SIM card.

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