The Smartest Features of Today’s POS Software


One of the most crucial decision business owners makes is the one that gets the least of consideration. Selecting the right POS software for your business can make a whole lot of difference between operating a profitable and efficient business and sorting through an entire mess which will cost you money and time. Currents many POS systems are designed to suit the needs of various companies. A business should carefully think about the day to day challenges it faces before buying a new POS software. Here below are some of the smartest features that most POS software have.

Efficient and quick checkouts

A good POS should make the checkout process easy and quick for both the customer and business owner. Use of sales reps that enter the information in a fast manner without having to slow down the process. Such type of user interface which relates to the user experience of an iPad is quite familiar to a lot of employees making it easy for them to be trained using the POS software.

Shared data

Most point of sales software is linked with customer service, accounting, and marketing departments. The integration helps with the facilitation of the transfer of vital data that assist each person to carry out their job efficiently. For example, a cashier can recognize a client by scanning their loyalty card or their phone app and then transfer the purchasing data to the marketing department. The method gives cashiers a quick insight of the available offers that much with the customers.

Mobile payments on site

One of the most growing trends in restaurant and retail industries is mobile payments. Having the ability to take the checkout gadget to your clients instead of making them wait in the queue doesn’t only save them time, but also it makes your business to make more profit. The sales rep can help the clients in searching for features of some of the products right there on the floor and then check the clients out when they are most engaged. Doing this will also reduce showrooming an instance where clients browse other websites to look for different better prices of products

Mobile payments on the road

Currently, a point of sales systems isn’t restricted from on-site transactions only. You can now take your business to a business expo or tradeshow, connect to the internet and conduct transactions just like you would do in your store. The feature is of great value especially in events where people can get to sample your products or even try out a demo. If the people like your products, you can sell the products to them sign them up if you have newsletters and probably make a lifetime customer.

Advanced reporting

For your business to be successful, you need to collect information about the state of your business often. Extracting data about your expenses, profits, prices, margins, and inventory is critical. A good point of sales software will assist you in doing this. Integrated payments will allow you to link other business operations with the payment system. This way each time you process transaction information will automatically be shared across your business. Any person who is authorized to get the information can do so instantly, from sales figures, employee hours to the lists of items on delivery.


All the above features are necessary if you want to purchase a POS software for your business. The POS software will help you in increasing the sales of your business. And also assist in the inventory management so that you can keep track of all the little details that can affect your business.

If you are interested in learning about credit card readers the following post will be of great help to you.

All You Need to Know About Mobile Credit Card Reader

Mobile credit card readers that can easily connect to a tablet or a smartphone are changing ways in which any business owner can start taking credit card payments. This only means that the size of your company doesn’t matter and that any person can accept credit card payments.

All thanks to companies like Square, Sumup, and iZettle which offer the new generation of the credit card machines. Now it doesn’t matter if you have a big or a small business all you need is a tablet or a smartphone a chip, free app, and pin device and you are ready to use the credit cards.

Mobile credit cards changing the retail game

There is a need for businesses to take mobile and credit card payments. Consumers aren’t carrying large sums of money nowadays, and they find using credit card payments more convenient. Credit cards also offer an alternative way of managing personal finances, even if you are paying for small amounts of cash. In the recent years, a credit card couldn’t be used by small firms with low volumes of transactions due to the high costs of terminal rent and monthly fees.

The modern smartphone credit card is cheap which is why all businesses should consider getting themselves one. Users can download the free app for the service they choose to their iPhone device, Android or iPad. You can buy the card reader once for a fee of 25$ to 75 $. For you to take payment with the card reader, you have to connect it with your tablet or smartphone by Bluetooth.

In the United Kingdom, mobile credit card readers don’t have monthly fees or contracts that are locked in. The only charge is during a card transaction where you are charged a range between 1.5%-2.75%. There’s no need for you to have a different merchant account all you need is a bank account which has the name of your business or association. Before some providers of the credit card readers, offered private accounts for an individual, but they no longer do it. Majority of the services provided include a variety of credit card brands in their list of accepted cards, and this includes American Express.

The innovation

The new set of mobile credit card payment systems shouldn’t be confused with the traditional credit card readers or terminals. The credit card terminals are joined by an Ethernet cable, or a landline and shoppers are required to enter their pin number for them to authorize the transaction. The traditional credit card readers come in portable and mobile versions. The mobile credit card terminals mostly use 3G technology or GPRS to connect to a mobile network.

Mostly these credit cards are used by merchants or in restaurants. The mobile card machines aren’t identical to the mobile credit card readers which use a smartphone or a tablet. One of the primary reasons why the older versions are expensive is because of the data connection and is also the reason as to why Sumup and iZettle represent the new technology.

Sumup and iZettle utilize the same data connection of the app and smartphone meaning they don’t need to have their communication system and a problematic software. Since a lot of the traditional and terminal systems are difficult and expensive, a couple of companies decided to offer services such as rental services both with long term and short term contracts and credit card machines.


You can start using the mobile credit card reader in making transactions immediately. The credit card readers are ideal especially if your business has low transaction volumes.


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