What Is the Role of Social Media in Improving SEO

Social media - SEO

It is interesting to note that many marketing managers will spend a lot of time creating copy for their websites. Yet, they do not expend the same amount of energy on social media platforms. Most have a copy and paste approach, which tends to backfire because of the different audiences that are on each platform. The search engines place due consideration to how you use social media platforms. It determines where you rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS), and so the astute marketer must pay special attention to such platforms. You have the opportunity to rise above the online clutter, depending on how you use your social media presence.

Why Are The Channels In The Social Media Space Becoming More Important?

In an interesting shift, people depend less on search engines such as Google for information. They are now actively using social media platforms to look for answers. Platforms such as Twitter have the hashtags, which make it very easy for anyone who is searching for information on a particular topic to find it. As a company, having an active presence on such platforms will give you direct access to the target audiences.

You must actively engage with them, and provide solutions to whatever problems they have. You get to build a strong social media presence while positioning yourself as an authority in your field. You can also generate the relevant conversation by actually coming up with the hashtags, thereby allowing you to push your message to the target audience.

What are some of the advantages of having a strong social media presence with regard to SEO?

  • Search engines will use social media to rank your site
  • The more people share your content on social media, the higher your chances for inbound links
  • You are more likely to get views and better engagement on social media platforms
  • Research shows that people will follow Facebook links
  • Having an influencer talk about your brand will impact on your search ranking because it shows that you are a credible brand

So how do you ensure that you have optimized for SEO on your social media platforms?

· It All Starts With High-Quality Content

Social media platforms are all about engagement and interaction. Even if you push out informational content, it should be attractive enough for people to like, share, comment, among others. Take the time to find out what people want to know about and then become the go-to place for answers. Use images, videos, stories, among others to create a connection with the audience.

· Use Organic And Inorganic Methods To Promote Your Content

You must remember that there’s a lot of competition in the online space, and sometimes you may need to push your content to the audiences. The main advantage is that it is not very costly to boost some of the posts, and you get to be very specific about the target audience. Platforms such as Facebook will allow you to narrow your target to location, income, age, and gender, among others. It makes it more likely that they will see whatever it is you are promoting. If the communication is relevant, the audience is likely to share the post. They will also invite their friends to your page. It allows you to build an organic audience without spending too much money.

· Generate the right kind of interest

If you link your website on your social media pages, you are likely to improve traffic to your site. People will click on the links as long as your content is interesting enough. You get to reduce the bounce rate, and most importantly have return visitors who you can eventually convert into customers.

· Be Clear About Who You Are Targeting

In as much as you are on the online platform, you must be clear about who you are targeting. Have the right kind of followers; imagine having one million followers and only 100,000 have shown any interest in your product. It effectively means that the other 900,000 are of no use to you. Quality trumps quantity any day. It would be wise to bring on board an influencer who will sway his followers into adopting your brand. Also, make sure that you encourage engagement by responding to the audiences anytime they raise any issues.

· Think About Partnerships

Partnerships work because people are likely to trust your product if someone else recommends it. Strategic partnerships are there for a fantastic option, but you must work with those who have similar interests to yours. You can, for example, partner with a local barbershop to sell your brand of men’s shaving creams. You get the opportunity to increase awareness of your product and build your customer base. Getting into a partnership is something that you need to consider carefully because the wrong ones can kill your business.

· Utilize Your SERP

Think about using your business name on your top social media profiles. You will find online tools that will help you check the availability of your business name on social media platforms.  You can then reserve your name on as many of the platforms as you possibly can. You will then need to populate your profiles with your company information, branding, as well as links back to the site.

· Use YouTube videos

Videos are a more interactive way of engaging with your customers than text. They are more likely to click on videos that are relevant to what they are asking. If you give your audience is what they want, you will be able to boost your engagement. Remember, you are on a social platform, and no one wants to deal with hard-sell language. Look for a light, fun way of delivering the messages, while making sure that you pass the information you wish to within the content.

Final Thoughts

Social media has a massive role to play concerning inbound marketing. The modern marketing manager must, therefore, look for ways to incorporate it into their overall marketing strategy. You have to have a good understanding of the channels and platforms, and generate content that is relevant to the different audiences.

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