What We Can Look Forward To With Regards To Technology In 2019

Technology In 2019

The one thing about technology is that it keeps on evolving. What might have been so exciting last year, will no longer have a place this year. Staying in touch with the current trends is, therefore, essential if you hope to keep up. A report on the professional platform LinkedIn shows that machine learning is currently one of the top emerging job sectors. Anyone looking for a job in the industry has over 2000 job listings on the platform to go through. The jobs are well paying, and include vacancies in areas such as research, development, and data analysts. We will explore some of the trends and the jobs around them, thus giving you a chance to pick your new career.

· Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is also not a new technology, but we cannot underestimate the critical role it continues to play. There is, therefore, a lot of innovation going on around it. Internet of things allows devices to use Wi-Fi to connect to each other. IoT has found significant usage within smart homes, cars, businesses, among others.  Industry experts report that by 2020, there will be over 30 billion devices using the Internet of Things.

No one can underestimate the importance of IoT.  If you forget to lock a door, you can do it remotely from your smart device. You can switch off your appliances,  and monitor your home through your security camera. In the work environment, it allows for efficient collection and analysis of data, thus aiding in decision-making.  We also see its use in areas such as health car. It is now not uncommon to see some of the aspects like diagnosis entirely depending on automation. IoT is connecting the physical and online world in a way that we may have only imagined.

We live in a technological world, and automation makes our lives so much simpler.  There is so much demand for the Internet of Things, but there are not enough professionals available. If you are thinking of a career change, consider the internet of things security, data analytics, and automation. You may also want to train in areas such as device knowledge, cloud computing knowledge, embedded systems, among others.

· Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but it continues to receive a lot of buzz because of how exciting it is.AI has managed to integrate itself into all aspects of our lives.  It affects how we play, work, and live,  but what is artificial intelligence?  Artificial intelligence is a computer system that mimics human traits and performs specific things. Such tasks include speech recognition, image recognition, and decision making and understanding human patterns. What makes it exciting is that it does this more accurately than human beings.

The role of artificial intelligence is in so many facets of our lives.  It covers areas such as streaming, personal assistance, navigation, and control of our smart home devices. The business owner has also seen the importance of AI to assess business risks, maintenance, ticketing, and energy efficiency, among others. The result is a significant cost-saving for the company.

There may not be excellent news for those in the job sector. With automation comes the need to replace human beings with machines. Industry reports indicate that as at 20:30, 73 million people will lose their jobs. Automation will take over some of the tasks, but there is also some good news. There will be massive job creation in areas such as programming, development, maintenance, testing, and support. There is a continuing need for skilled professionals to run some of the aspects of artificial intelligence. It requires that the individuals regularly update their skill-set to take advantage of the emerging job opportunities.

· Edge Computing

Players such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are dominating cloud computing. There is, however, still so much opportunity within the sector. Cloud computing has been around for some time, and people are now moving over to edge computing. Cloud computing has a lot to offer, but it has its limitations. The more data we generate, the more the need for advancements with regard to Cloud computing.

Edge computing allows the collection of data to a data center for processing.  You get to avoid the latency and shortcomings that may exist when you use Cloud computing.

The other benefits you have is that you can process data in remote locations with or without connectivity. You can store information in a central location. Edge computing will continue to have a significant role in areas such as internet of things (IoT).  Industry experts estimate that we can expect a market share of $6.72 billion directly attributable to Edge computing by 2020. You can then imagine how much demand there will be for professionals to manage and develop new software.

Final Thoughts

Technology is exciting, and it is interesting to see companies fall over themselves, trying to come up with new or evolving technology. While before certain technological aspects like artificial intelligence was the preserve of a few companies, now they are a part of our everyday lives. While some people may say that people are losing jobs every day due to technology, the truth is that there is massive opportunity within the emerging sectors.  You must remain relevant, and you must not be afraid to explore new opportunities.

The use of technology has improved all aspects of our lives whether on a personal or official level. We use it in our smart homes and our businesses also benefit due to better efficiency through automation.  Technology has also enhanced the Healthcare sector, whether through data management or tools used for diagnosis and treatment.   It has also made it possible for people to make career changes by becoming tech professionals in various fields. Technology is truly fascinating and has so much to offer.

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