Why Do You Need a Top Listing On Search Engines

Beginner's Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization has become the keyword when looking for ways to succeed in inbound marketing. However, many marketing managers have a challenge of achieving the appropriate level of optimization. Imagine a situation where you type a particular keyword that has a direct relationship with your business. You go through the result pages, and you are nowhere.

What you see are your competitors, and now you realize how critical it is for you to pay attention to SEO. It is also a fact that very few people will go beyond the first page when doing an online search.

There are many search engines, but Google is the most popular. Any business must, therefore, fight for space on the top position to grab any traffic. But getting there is a huge challenge but not an impossible task. So why would you want to be on the top pages?

· You Expand Your Business Opportunities

Google uses many factors to position a business on the first page. Such include backlinks, bounce rate, site speed, and web-hosting, among others. If you get these factors right, you significantly improve the possibility of appearing on the top. Once you get there, you must fight to stay there. Remember, there are thousands of other companies competing for that top position.

· You Get More Traffic

By being in the top position, you are likely to get more traffic to your website. The first page will attract up to 42% traffic, 11% for the second, and a paltry 8% for the third page. And this reality is uniform across the different search engines, whether Google, Bling, Yahoo, among others.

· You Get Credibility as An Authentic Business

Perception really matters, and the more your business comes up in the search engine results page (SERP), the more favorably people will look at you. You will get more traffic to your website. You then have the opportunity to turn them into leads, and eventually convert them into lifelong customers.

· It Is Good For Your Business Image

Online users will base their opinion on whether to use a specific brand or product on several factors. If your business happens to be on the top pages of the search engines, your Image will instantly improve in the eyes of your online visitors.

· Cost-Saving Aspects

Search engines have allowed businesses to generate massive leads directly from their pages. Having a good position will, therefore, bring more business your way. Any leads you generate will be organic meaning you spend less on advertising. You, however, have to put into place the right Tactics to convert whatever leads you get. Remember that you are fighting for the limited target market with your competitors. You should not assume that since you rank favorably in the search engines, the potential customer will turn into a paying one.

How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

We have already talked about how important the top ranking is on the search engines. There are differing statistics concerning the percentage of traffic a business will get by being on the first page. However, one thing for sure is they get a lot of traffic if you compare it to those who come in the following pages.

What must you do to improve your search engine ranking?

· Understand the Google Ranking Algorithm

Google stays on top of developments and is always pushing out new algorithms. The numbers run into hundreds on an annual basis. Even though they do not necessarily announce the changes, you must find ways of knowing what is happening. You may, for example, find that one of the updates include the emphasis on making your website mobile-friendly.

· Increase Your Site Speed

Most of the search engines will rank your site depending on how fast your website is. Use the online tools available to measure your page speed. Work with the right web host provider who can give you sufficient bandwidth to handle any traffic.

· Do You Have A Healthy Website

You may have been doing very well with regard to organic growth on your side, but suddenly it starts to fluctuate or even drop. You wonder why because you have not changed how you operate. You may need to check how good your website currently is. Using the right tools, you will get information such as whether you are on the blacklist category, whether ignorance of a particular algorithm has resulted in a penalization, among others.

· Pay Attention to the Metrics You Measure

You must track your website to know how well it is performing. It allows you to pay attention to specific metrics that may need your urgent care. Some of the things you need to pay attention to include:-

  • How much organic traffic your website is generating.
  • How much of the Organic traffic converts into customers
  • Whether you are using the right keywords, among others.

Setting up an SEO dashboard will make it easy for you to keep track of The Matrix. You can set up one in Google Analytics, thereby giving you a chance to mine rich data. You can then use the data to improve your ranking on the search engines.

Other things you can do to increase your ranking on the search engines include:-

  • Optimizing your website for mobile.
  • Setting up a Google my business profile page
  • Taking care of any penalties that may be interfering with your ranking
  • Have active links and use authority sites azure source for information
  • Do your keyword research so that you improve your SEO
  • Boost keywords that have a lower ranking
  • Improve content through keyword analysis
  • Keep an eye on what the competitors are doing

Final thoughts

Your business will benefit immensely by having a top listing on the search engines. We have shown you why you need to do it and how you can do it. Good luck with improving your ranking on the search engines.

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